Client Testimonials


I have been very fortunate to have Renee Roy Hill as my daughter's Speech and Language Pathologist and Oral Motor  Therapist. Ella (who has Down Syndrome) has clear speech that is typical for any child her age.  Her speech has developed on time and has allowed her to learn Spanish. Her mouth is beautiful, without tongue protrusion or drooling. she hasn't has a single episode of otitis media. I attribute this remarkable success to Renee's extensive training, her ability to teach parents how to implement exercises at home, and her passion for helping others.  

Dr. Julia Pewitt Kinder - Family Practice


For the last three years we've brought out son, Logan to Renee's clinic for one and two-week long intensive therapy sessions. Each time we are amazed at the remarkable progress made.  Logan's pre-school teachers and therapist are amazed at the progress Logan has made and I know it's because of Renee's unique program. It's like magic!

Camille Stokes - Logan's Mom